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Tee 100for10 Dave the Chimp 2

Tee 100for10 Dave the Chimp 2

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"ThokkThokk" is an eco fasion label from Munichs, Germany and combines craftmanship, design, high quality and eco-responsibility.

100for10 T-Shirt Edition

100for10 is an art project initiated by Melville Brand Design in Munich, Germany and it was created in cooperation with ThokkThokk. 100for10 is a series of art books, of which each issue contains 100 black and white pages and costs only € 10.

Dave the Chimp - Berlin

Dave the Chimp has been riding skateboards since the mid 1980’s, painting on found wood and making fanzines since the mid 1990’s, and working in the streets since 1998. He still does all these things, as well as exhibiting his art in galleries and museums world wide, working as an illustrator for a variety of clients, directing pop videos, compiling books, and curating exhibitions.


100% GOTS and Fairtrade certified organic cotton.

This print is handmade in Germany!




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