Hair Care Kit (Shampoo 500ml & Conditioner 300ml)
Hair Care Kit (Shampoo 500ml & Conditioner 300ml)
Hair Care Kit (Shampoo 500ml & Conditioner 300ml)
Hair Care Kit (Shampoo 500ml & Conditioner 300ml)
Hair Care Kit (Shampoo 500ml & Conditioner 300ml)

Hair Care Kit (Shampoo 500ml & Conditioner 300ml)

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All SEES Company's home cleaning and skin care products are made in Finland using ingredients of highest quality and world renown Finnish design.

All SEES Products are non-toxic and contain no artificial ingredients. The fragrances are combinations of essential oils selected through a long and careful product development process. All fragrances carry a particular positive effect to our wellbeing - either by refreshing, strengthening or relaxing the mind.

* Made In Finland, Vegan & Cruelty Free *

Shampoo - Strengthens and cares for your hair without silicones or parabens. 

Gentle and strengthen your hair without straining nature. The biodegradable shampoo increases the natural shine and vitality of the hair while strengthening the hair. This shampoo is an eco-friendly choice that is suitable for both home and cottage. 

The main scent of the shampoo are fresh cedar, which mixes with the sweet orange. Lavender brings a sophisticated aftertaste to the shampoo along with rosemary. The biodegradable shampoo is scented only with genuine essential oils, which makes it valuable and of excellent quality.

Conditioner - Moisturising and strengthening conditioner for your hair. Sulfate-free and silicone-free. 

The conditioner contains heather extract, which strengthens the hair and supports its natural shine. The conditioner moisturises the hair and removes electricity, leaving the hair looking more vibrant. This biodegradable conditioner is a more environmentally friendly choice and doesn't burden nature, so you can pamper your hair without worries. 

This biodegradable conditioner is suitable for all hair types, including those that follow the curly girl method. Made from very high quality raw materials and contains nothing extra. Good for hair, mind and nature.


Shampoo -  It is made without artificial fragrances using only genuine essential oils of cedar, orange, lavender and rosemary. The scent is a sophisticated combination of fresh coniferous forest and citrus. Essential oils refresh and relax the mind during hair washing and activate blood circulation to the scalp. 

Conditioner - The product is made without artificial fragrances and chemicals. The world of fragrances is created only by genuine essential oils that refresh and relax the mind during hair washing. The main aromas are fresh and generous rosemary, which mixes with moisturising heather. Genuine rosemary essential oil refreshes the hair wash.



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